This is me at the top and the image on the right is of a previous piece called Nataraja played with the Free Range Orchestra (see heading FRO). In the shot can be seen Kat Peddie, the poet singer, Lauren Redhead on accordion (who played The Space Between Silences), Sean Williams on his own made synthesizer, Murray Smith on bass guitar and Ted Long on another home-made instrument) that figures strongly in the realisation of my portfolio (with grateful thanks).
Having spent decades in the construction industry and gotten to realise a long held dream of composing plus making music the two disciplines are now brought together in my current research. The self set task is to translate (with all the attendant issues of what that means) architecture to music having nominated one person to represent architecture. That person being Zaha Hadid (and she ampified the translation difficulties with her unique view of the universe and architecture, a further task taken with relish and then apparent in the thesis and attendant portfolio).