Members of the Free Range Orchestra present at 4th December 2022 recording in St Gregory’s Music Centre, Canterbury, Christ Church University:
Sam Bailey piano, toy piano, tibetan bowls
Nadia Bailey violin
Sean Williams electronics
Neil Sloman tenor saxophone
Paul Cheneouer Flutes
Maureen Wolloshin Oboe
Anna Braithwaite voice and electronics
Daniel Herbert electronics
Murray Smith bass guitar
Kat Peddie Words
Kit Slawson percussion
Frances Knight piano and accordion
Roddy Skeaping Violin
Lawrence Fletcher Tenor saxophone
William Glanfield alto clarinet
Toby Slawson saxophone
Russell Kitto double bass
Tim Long home-made instruments
Craig Gell electric guitar
Nick Wyver baritone saxophone
Cassie de St Croix drawing and voice
Amy Haynes drawing and voice
Les Wilson drums
Matt Wright conducting
Grant Gover composer, tenor recorder
Natalia Spaliara composer, tenor saxophone
Steffan Hughes composer

Own photograph of a marsh church