In this version it was generally agreed to try to interpret in sections, which worked well and in a different manner. This carried on into the next interpretation in version 3 where there was an apparent widening to an all-out free interpretation. The FRO are great and so game for such varying interpretations. I (tenor recorder player) mentioned to my saxophonist neighbour in my section that there is also the shape aspect like phenomenal shapes that carpenters might cut out. The spaces in between would be so interesting and tie up with the piece called The Space Between Silences. As an interesting footnote the art critic Andrew Graham-Dixon placed the image on his Instagram page. Sound-wise an Atmos type aura was experimented with via Reaper's ReaSurroundPan as aural space allied to architectural space, a modern technological approach as compared with the cutting edge radical theatrical approach of early pioneers like Stockhausen, Nono, Berio, Scelsi and others of today