Theory of Everything

Accompanying theory and discussion thoughts to translation or evocation of Zaha Hadid in music

Drawn in Autodesk CAD the image is of Johannes Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring (1665). Originally conceived as all notes connecting in a piece of music, the theory extended to literally connecting via everything across all time, musically and generically. The painting is chosen as an eye-catching one-off example of anything, a random object, with all the associated temporal and existential life properties attached, such as all the decisions that Vermeer made, the historical context, the mixing of the paint, the hues, the shades, the brushstrokes and so on. The lines are the lines of relationship running through and connecting everything. The doughnut shape is one possibility of the shape of the universe, toroidal. It could be another shape. Zaha Hadid was extremely interested in topology, the shape of the universe and how this impacted upon her architectural designs. The music here is part of a piece written specifically to illustrate this theory. They are given body, as objects, in 3D, curved as an arc, similar to Einsteinian space-time and they too are connected to the doughnut and in turn the artist's picture. An arrow of time is shown with a localised big bang occurring just before the slice of music. Time is seen as one continuum connecting past, present and future. Taking one example, if someone were watching tv and they pressed the replay button, every phenomal fact and attribute about that event would rewrite the whole of history and all the lines of relationship would have to be adjusted, literally connecting to everything, in which case there would be a massive amount of rewriting of such relationships which could amount to a series of mini big bangs. This adjustment is seen as similar to Pauli's exclusion principle where if an electron gains extra energy and moves to a higher state then the whole universe adjusts and the interconnectivity is seen as analogous to entanglement, Einstein's 'spooky action at a distance'. 

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